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A Full Member is a registered nurse who either:
  • holds an organizational role in administration/management and is accountable for strategic, operational and/or management outcomes in a healthcare delivery setting;
  • aspires to a nursing management/administration position;
  • is faculty in a graduate or undergraduate nursing program, including deans and directors;
  • serves as a consultant in patient care administration/management practice;
  • is employed in a professional association, regulatory agency and/or accreditation healthcare organization;
  • or, serves as editor of a professional nursing publication.
An Associate Member is a registered nurse who is a student in a relevant degree program with a career path in nursing leadership and is not working. An associate member may attend ONL NJ business and educational meetings, but may not vote or hold office.
Any ONL NJ Full member who is retired from the professional practice of nursing and is not working in a healthcare related field, and has maintained ONL NJ membership for a minimum of one year and who would not otherwise be eligible for continuing membership in ONL NJ. A Retired member shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of a Full Member with the exception of holding office.
An Affiliate Member is an individual who is not a registered nurse. An affiliate member may be a non-nurse professional or any healthcare consumer member of the corporate or political community who is interested in working towards advancement of a healthcare system driven by the needs of patients. An affiliate member may attend business and educational meetings, but may not vote or hold office. The affiliate members' purposes, goals and initiatives must be consistent with and supportive of ONL NJ purposes, goals and initiatives.

An Affiliate Member must be sponsored by a Full Member, and the application must be approved by the Board of Directors.

NOTE: Approximately 10% of your membership dues are used for political and lobbying activities.

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